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Internet via Micro LED – Lifi Network


Yes we can connect to internet via LED bulbs in our home. This type of network is said to be Lifi Network. Germany Researchers from the Henrich Hertz Institute (HHI) have successfully transmitted 3Gbps of data using LED networks in the laboratory.

The concept Visible Light Communication (VLC) or LiFi was one of the best attentions in the technology. Tetra hertz radiation is used instead of microwaves (wifi) which is switched for high speed and photo sensing is used on the receiver end instead of antenna.





The VLC system which is used previously capable of transmitting up to 500 Mbps with 13 feet and about 120 Mbps about 27 feet. Now for 3Gbps the bandwidth is squeezed to 180 MHz.


To be sure that everyone is expecting this worldwide Laptop , Mobile and other gadgets to be with Lifi Network. What is your idea?