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IPhone added IF This Then That (IFTTT)


IFTTT which is addressed to IF This Then That and pronounced like “gift” without G. it is one of the powerful sources that help you create powerful connections. In the name “IF This Then That”, “This” refers to the Trigger and “That” refers to the action.

It is the service which enables to connect to customers through channels like Facebook, Evernote, Dropbox, weather and much more. It also allows creating and sharing recipes that fit the simple statement.


“This” in iFTTT is the part of recipe is a trigger. Example of Trigger is “I Check in on Foursquare”.  “That” in IFTTT is the part of recipe is an action. Example of action is “send me a text message”

The service is offered in about 67 channels. Some of the iPhone features are added to the service which had officially launched today says the researchers. The iPhone feature includes contacts, groups, photos reminder feature and much more are added.

If this then that

Download IFTTT app for iPhone here. To join IFTTT click here.  Just add your feedback about iPhone app IFTTT.