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It’s time for No Touch iPhone / iPad – ManiGlove

ManiGlove is a Manipulate Glove that can be used to control your iPad or iPhone with the functions like change volume with your singers, activate siri, navigate songs and also for power point presentations can be controlled is the feature that is available in it.

ManiGlove is now raising funds on Kickstarter. It has a Bluetooth with the glove with can able to make connection to your iPad. It also has rechargeable battery in it which can hold power for about 15 hours says the creator Scott Dixon and he adds that this more useful for mini marathons and also during the exercise which comforts you with easy touch.

He says that the Version 1 Maniglove looks like a golfing glove which is lightweight is easy to use and it can be used whenever is cold or hot situation. He says that this device can be use fingers rather than using the remote perked on the back of your hand. Version 2 is also coming soon with more features with heat rate monitor added by Scott Dixon.

What do you think about this ManiGlove?