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ITunes Apps that at 50 billionth app makes money

Two companies are ready to pay money if it is 50th billion app that downloaded Apple Store. Apple store download had reached 49 billion. The app download contest is on the other side which gives $10,000 Apple Gift Store card for the person who download the 50 billionth app.

Addappt is one of the apps launched in June. It is a social address book service created by former employees of Microsoft and LinkedIn. The company is ready to provide $10,000 gift card of apple store if it is the 50 billionth app in the download counter. In December the app has reached 68th place in the category of social networking

Apple download counter

Another app Hike also says that it pays $100,000 apple products and accessories from hike, if it at 50 billion app downloads. The both the companies are ready to pay which is in ready to reach the market in top.

To celebrate it download reach Apple announced the contest and this two app adds much more benefit which helps in the marketing helps of the company.