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Justinmind – Wireframing Tool for Mobile


Today Mobile is an important device for everyone. Now you can create a wireframing using some free tools. One of best wireframing tool is called Justinmind. This is one of the best platforms to define web and mobile apps with rich interactive wireframes.

You can create most of the stunning effects from your imagination like drag and drop, mouse over and add swipe, tap and hold etc using Justinmind. This supports for iPhone, Android smart phones.

New feature with Google Drive makes the creator to add URL widget or HTML widget makes the user to be comfortable to create simulation and check with it and also can edit and test with the mobile phones. This prototype allows the user to design the mockup and define the logic process flow and to combine specifications according to the user imagination. The customized widget and widget libraries is useful which is available for iPhone, Smartphone, Blackberry etc and much more satisfies the designer.

The video tutorials help you to learn and design the simulation and the designer is not being database techie to create data validations and other form validations.
Now become you can become an app for mobile using this prototyper that’s make you look and feel comfortable. For the designer it is an app that helps to make and design with stunning effects and attractive for their application.