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Killer USB – Can explode your computer

As you know already security plays vital role in information system. Using peripheral devices plays the vital role in spreading malware and there are more antivirus companies providing solutions for it. but this time security researchers Dark Purple thinks and implements the new concept of creating a USB drive that can explode your computer.

He shared an story that a guy had fished a USB drive from other guy and then he found the number “128” return on it. he used it in his laptop and the laptop got burnt and marking changed to “129” and he had it in his pocket. He discussed idea of creating a usb drive that makes the computer to explode or burnt and he achieved it by ordering some circuit boards for the requirement from china which is said to be Killer USB.

Killer USB designed Killer USB

He explained that when the USB is connected to the computer, an inverting DC/DC starts and it will charge the capacitor to -110V, after reaching the DC/DC is switched off. In the mean time the filed transistor opens and it is used to apply -110V to signal the USB device. e. When the voltage on capacitors increases to -7V, the transistor closes and the DC/DC starts. The loop will continue to runs till everything possible is broken down in the computer according to the internet resources. This also result in the explosion or burnt of your computer or laptop.

This is like movie stuff and this Killer USB is really a big problem in future. So it is advised to stop using unknown USB drives and it helps you to save your data’s in your computer.