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Lenovo website has hijacked

Lenovo one of the world largest PC maker has into the problem again after the superfish adware scandal. This time their website Lenovo.com is hijacked and showing a slideshow of a teenager with the background sound “Breaking Free” from the high school musical movie.

Lenovo website hacked

Internet resources added that the Lizard Squad hacking group is responsible for the cyber-attack. The website was redirected to the teenager page around 4PM ET and the site seemed to be revert at 4.17 but with the background sound and later at 5.30 PM the site is back to normal according to verge. It is found that the source code of the hacked Lenovo page has the description saying “The new and improved rebranded Lenovo website featuring Ryan King and Rory Andrew Godfrey”.

Ryan and Rory were the identified in the early days as the member of hacking group Lizard Group. But it is not sure that is those person are responsible or some other used their photo to hide the identity. After the Superfish adware reached high since the company had not added the fundamental web security protocol on the pre-installed laptops. This Superfish Malware has the capability to analyze the internet habits of the users and also make way for Man in the Middle (MItM) attacks by the attackers and later on the company released the superfish removal tool and promised never to install it in future shipments.

This second issue for Lenovo on website hijack make the security headache for the company.