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Lernstift – No More Spelling Mistakes


Writing is one of most important needed skill for everyone in the world. Even today there are some peoples don’t know to write and some don’t know the correct spelling on their language. This has to be changed. Lernstift is one the company that helps in checking the spelling mistake both in paper and in digital using pen. This was the first digital pen that helps you check the spelling using vibration.

Lernstift has started funding through kickstarter page. The pen holds the feature like when the letter is misspelled it will automatically vibrates. This was one of the innovative ideas that help the kids to learn the spelling and correct it. The digital pen holds wifi module, battery, exchangeable refill, minicomputer based on Linux, switch and non optical motion sensor.

Lernstift with mobile communication

There are two primary functions for this Lernstift Pen

  1. Orthography Mode – is the mode that helps in the error in spelling
  2. Calligraphy Mode – to point out flaws of form and legibility

Lernstift module Lernstift fountain


The following video explains how the Lernstift works


The mode that supports many forms and the the pen can be used to target into digital world from all levels of age and this is one of the best. Of course the pen supports the social media like Facebook, twitter, Google plus, LinkedIn etc. Falk Wolsky was the founder and CEO of Lernstift and Daniel Kaesmacher were the Co-Founder, CCO. The team was great and the effect and creative ideas are special for today’s world.

What is your idea about this new invention?

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