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Library Box – New Portable Private Digital Distribution


Now you can share your files and folders where ever you are. Now keeps your files and access anywhere is the target of Library box, you can use your library box which is built with cheap hardware and also uses little power and easy one is access your files using wifi. It is a open source project pirate box allows you to have your content and access from any wifi enabled devices even there is no internet connection.

Today Library Box was used most of the places like library, museum and famous among teachers, knowledge developers and much more readers. This enables the sharing your digital and also to access your digital files using wifi connection. It goes even of the grid which is specially needed today for most of the secure users to access their files. Jason Griffey who was an Associate Professor and Head of the Library of Information Technology at the university of TN build this product for the use of educational purpose helps to use their digital files on their pocket.

The features of Library Box includes the easy access, easy instruction steps, easy installation helps everyone to use their files from the digital devices like mobile phones, iPad and other small devices which is wifi enabled. Once the Library Box is connected, the files on the box will be shown as the link in the alphabetical order helps the user to search and find their needed files helps in saving time and also with easy use. Jason Griffey was also looking for much more additional features to the digital box which can helps the user to make it easy and more fruitful. What is your idea about Library Box?

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