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Lookout helps to find your Stolen Mobile Phone

Today protecting and safe guarding your smart mobile phones are challenging task for users all over the world. It is calculated that most of the smart phone users are targeted to steal their personal information in many ways like malware, remote execution etc. there are many other forms of attack and the reason to access the personal information and on the other side it is calculated that most of the users are missing their phones and it goes into the wrong hands or thief’s.

In this technology world, protecting our private data and making everything safe and secure and avoiding data and mobile theft are the tough work. Lookout is an app that helps you to stay protect on every second. The Lookout app that will send you an email when the mobile sensor the suspicious activity on your phone. The app will take snap of the user or thief using the front facing camera automatically and sends you the information via email including photo helps to identify the person who is using the phone. When your phone is stolen, the mobile will be set to airplane mode or switched off and this was the strong reason for not finding the theft phones and the other reason is battery goes low. The phone also save the location of the phone when the battery goes down helps to identify it and other features like Scream just the whistling app, locking the phones remotely from web helps to save your private information.

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Now the technology grows with more consideration on data privacy and security. To download Lookout app for Android phone click here and for iOS device click here.