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Mactans – Malicious Charger that hack iPhone


Apple iOS was one of the virus free operating system and there is no malware to infect the iPhone, now the research team from Georgia Institute of Technology found that the iPhone, IPad can be hacked less than a minute using malicious charger.


The team had planned to demonstrate the findings in Black Hat Computer Security Conference which will begin by July 27 in Las Vegas. Researchers Billy Lau, Yeongjin Jang and Chengyu Song demonstrated how the malicious device charger can bypass the iPhone in a minute. The researchers created the proof of malicious charger “Mactans” which was build using a BeagleBoard. BeagleBoard is an open source single board computer build by Texas Instrument.


The Mactans of credit card sized device which can able to install malware to the iOS device. Some modifications are to be done to the Mactans which cannot fit for the regular iPhone or iPad charger. These are the information that collected from various resources and it says that researchers aren’t willing to share much more information.

What is your idea about the Mactans Charger?