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Make you Heartbeat as your Password


Authentication was one of the major in the real time to save the data’s safe and secure. In today’s internet world we are using fingerprints, retinal scanner, and code like password for authentication to have a secure in all parts of information technology. If the password is code, we have to remember all the passwords and some time we mess with them, so we need some other tools to save the password.

Now with the new technology your heartbeat will be your password and helps you to authenticate all your secure and safe transactions.  Bionym, a Toronto based company developed a wristband called Nymi. The product was developed with the identity of electrocardiogram (ECG) which monitors the users heartbeat and also it communicate with the digital world as the authentication devices which helps you to free from remembering the passwords and mess with them.

The following video explains how the wrist band technology works. The device has the capability to recognize the unique biometric template.  The device gets activated when the user touches the device and the device communicates with your Bluetooth device to the app that running on it. Once the device is removed the device shutdown.

The pre order for this device begins on 4th September and it will cost around $100.

What is your idea about making your heartbeat as password?