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Marbel – The Electric Skateboard

Skateboard is one of the most efficient vehicles that help most of the people all over the world. Marbel Board is one of most light weight skateboard all over the world according to them. Marbel Electric skateboard is about 9.9 pounds in weight which makes the lightest vehicle in the modern world. This electric skateboard can covers up to 10 miles in distance and it has the capability to add to the Smartphone app. You can customize your ride using this app on both iOS and Android smart phone users.

There are four different modes are available. Starter mode, ECO mode, Custom mode and sports mode and each mode has its own customization. There are more technical specifications like the speed limit up to 20mph and the charging time taken was about 90 minutes from empty to full, electronic regenerative braking facility is available. The connection between the Skater and phone is available via wifi and 2.4 Ghz with IOS and also for Android.

Marbel Map Marbel Skater App

Now the project was added to Kickstarter and the pledging is going on.