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Merlin Photo ID for Bird Watchers and Bird Lovers

In this beautiful world, there are various types of bird and each and everyone is different. People most of the time ask the question what is that bird? Really, it is hard for most of the people to identify the bird type and its name. For bird watchers and researchers are heavily looking into the part of bird identifications, this app is most and more helpful for them.

Merlin is an app that is designed with the help of 70 million sightings by most of the birdwatcher from the collection of ebird. Based on the several questions asked to the expert birdwatcher and its expert suggestion the app was designed and also with the help of shape, color, activities of the bird the suggestion was made. The Merlin Photo ID app was designed by Cornell Lab of Ornithology, which has about 400 types of bird species over US and Canada. As of now there are about 285 species are all collected from North America and their aim was adding all the types of birds and to be interesting for bird watchers and also for the researchers which helps in the easy identification of birds.

bird idenfication bird identified cornell lab merlin photo idThis is really an awesome app that helps the beginner and intermediate bird watchers and bird lovers. IPhone users can download the app here and the Android users using version 4.0 and above can download here. What do you think about Merlin Photo ID app?