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Microsoft Tiny Tools on Social Network

In today’s modern internet world there is nothing without Social Network. Social Network plays the major role in all industries and all kinds of people. Microsoft is also some creative tiny tools for social network which allows you to create some animated photographs and to share with your friends and families via social networks.

socl videoparty socl

Socl which is pronounced as Social, which helps you to create and share what you are interest. This allows you to create some short animated video and share with Facebook, twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr. Socl is a fun environment which allows you create and share to have the fun with your loved ones and also the creativity will helps you to reach the world. There are more forms and experience on Socl. They are Collage is the one which allows you to share images, videos, link and make you with the favorite social network sharing. Video Party allows sharing your party with videos and having fun. You can also name the videos with the music name and much more according to you for fun.

Picotale which also known as “meme-generator” which allows you to create a game and playful and help for the post you like on and have the fun on your network. BLINK which is now currently available on windows app, which allows you to capture, create and dynamic media using windows 8 and sure that you can create a short film using BLINK.

socl blink

You can create profile for your own on Socl, follow your friends, and share your ideas and you can have a collection of your interested photos and media by which you can edit and share. You can find new friends who are interested in your posts, make visual response on your post called “riff” and much more. Enjoy sharing.