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Mighty Text – Now Text Message from Gmail


Now it is easy to send text message from Gmail using an Android App. Mighty text is an app that allows you to send text message from your Gmail account. This app holds about 15,000 users and the setup for the functionality to be enabled is very easy.


mighty text


GText Extension from Might text is also available for chrome extension. You can text directly to Mobile number from your Gmail and it is fully synced with your phone number. The features of this app are checking the battery status, sms from Gmail using Android phone, send and receive sms from your Gmail account on your computer or tablet. The important for the use of this app is the only thing is to install this app on your phone. This app also provides video and photo synchronization instantly which helps your share your images and videos with your friends and family.

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Just install the app to the phone from here and the app to tablet from here. The Gtext Extension for the Chrome is available here. Just make the way easy. You can also manage the call in live, use the dialer from the other device; check the battery status of your phone and with the new option sharing of image and video as a feature.

mighty text mobile app Gtext from Mighty Text

Now sms or text your friends from your computer using Gmail