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Milewise and GoPollGo are now with Yahoo

Milewise which helps people for travelers to book their tickets in cheap and increase the reward points is acquired by yahoo. Milewise help the travelers not only with price but also with most discounts. The company was started before four years and now it announced that it is happy to be with Yahoo.


Best, wise price calculation and much more are the advantage of Milewise and it has the app for iOS which can be downloaded here. It is one the best resource for the travelers.

Another polling company GoPollGo which is also acquired by Yahoo. The company started before two years and It is one of the best companies which is easiest way to have the public opinion and most of the best companies uses this polling for the public. The polling will be worked on individuals and segmented with the age, gender, location and much more.

The both the companies are joined with the New York Mobile Team of Yahoo.