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Miniduke – Malware via PDF Said Kaspersky Labs

New Malware called MiniDuke was a new malware detected by Kaspersky Lab and CrySys Lab. This MiniDuke takes the responsibility to manage says the internet resources. At present it is found that the MiniDuke has been in attack of European institutions and government entities in Portugal, Ukraine, Romania and other have been targeted according the security researcher.

Kaspersky believes that the Malicious Hackers using some old techniques followed during 1990’s. the hacker  developed the pdf which seems to be real and believable. It seems to be an Assembler which is 20KB is size will be unpatched in Reader 9, 10 and 11 says the researcher after downloading. The Malware is created which likes to escape from antivirus.

The MiniDuke creates a unique identifier which is created after downloaded to the computer, and the software connects with Tweets and on premade accounts according to the researcher. The tags in the tweets with encrypted URLs for backdoor send the commands and backdoor opens up through Gif files. The backdoor running on the computer allows the hackers to take privileges over the files on the computer.

According to Kaspersky, the MiniDuke is still active and last MiniDuke came on February 20 indicating that the hackers have work around the patches. It seems to be not clear about the files that hackers are looking to steal.


More information will be added shortly.