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Moov your new Fitness Coach

Taking care of fitness and health is more important in our day to day life. To be fit, strong and healthy you will need a coach and also for sure your valuable time. Moov is a new device which is provides you a real time interactive coaching which has 3 D motion sensor and also waterproof which can be a wearable device and also be mounted on all devices you need.


Moov talks to your phone and provides you more information about your work and how to improve your work for strong and fitness. Moov was the second generation wearable fitness device with the dollar sized and it can be wear in ankle, arm and also other equipment like golf and tennis rackets which helps you to estimate about the action and determine your next better mark on your events. They also added that the device will support for various activities like swimming, running, cycling, cardio boxing, weight training etc. the company had started crowd funding on their own from their website. The following video helps you to understand more about your Moov and its functionalities.

They are providing preorders for the device which cost around $59 for each and $99 for pair. By the summer the product will be supplied according to their website. The color of the device is available on their preorder section.

Moov Exercise

Moov run

On your order the device comes with a Moov, a Charger, 1 wrist band and 1 ankle band. What do you think about Moov?