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Multiple Hard Drives into Single Volume

Today storage plays the main role in Data Center. Storing more data makes the valuable information. At present Storage is very cheap and it is easier to use. But some may be able to afford to pay for the new storage devices or some may want to use their old hard drives as a secondary storage device. For System Administrators the main role of their job is to maintain storage. Having multiple hard disks with multiple volumes is very easy today. Sometimes the size may be full and they have to extend the partition or have to store in different location.

Let us consider an example that a user have to store more data at a single partition like videos or pictures and when the volume reaches the maximum size the files have to stored in  another location which may result in some confusion to choose the location of the existing file. For this purpose multiple hard disks can be added to single partition, where they can store and manage with more data volume means the single volume for multiple hard drives.


There are three way to complete the task.

1. Creating Symbolic link

It is just like creating a shortcut but much more than that. It makes us feel the data’s are located in single hard disk which is originally placed at two different hard disks. The folder doesn’t know the files are located in different in another hard disk and making your system to be fool. For example let us consider a game which is large in size and unable to fit in present volume. By creating a symbolic link the system assumes that the files are stored in a single volume which is actually stored in other hard drive.

How to create a symbolic link?

First step is choosing the folder that the symbolic link is to be created. For example the some program is to be installed in D:\Program Files \ Supportitdesk \ Tutorial. Move that folder Tutorial to your second hard drive and the location is E:\Tutorial.

D:\ is in hard drive 1 and E:\ belongs to second hard drive.

The source and destination is figured out.  Source location as D:\Program Files \ Supportitdesk \ Tutorial and the destination is E:\Tutorial.

Open command prompt and type the following

mklink /J D:\Program Files \ Supportitdesk \ Tutorial E:\Tutorial

If the hard link is used the files /J is to be replace with /H.

This creates the symbolic link and the installation can be done is D:\Program Files \ Supportitdesk \ Tutorial and it also uses E:\Tutorial for needed space for installation.

2. Creating a Spanned Volume is the second option

This is also said to be disk concatenation. The files start in disk1 and ends with disk2. This is also used to create high volume with multiple hard disk.

To create a Spanned volume, the hard disk is to be formatted. So let us start with backup of old files. The open run from start and type diskmgmt.msc. Choose the option of the hard disk that need to be combined. Since the hard disk is already backed up, delete the volume.

New Spanned tree option is to be selected after right click on the volume and choose the option next till the disk option is to be selected. In disk option select the second hard disk that needs to be spanned. Now the spanned volume is created with the two hard disk in single volume.

But there are more negative of this method which is not suitable in most of the cases but learning the method is also a way to improve the decision making for the right solution.

3. Raid is the other option which is mostly used today, to learn types Raid with the pros and cons click here