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My Passport Wireless Storage Drive from Western Digital

Western Digital is one of the largest hard disk drive manufactures all over the world. The company started on manufacturing calculator chips and then with the step by step improvement they reach the top of the manufacturing units on hard disk drive.

WD Password wireless

Today the company has unrevealed the new wireless passport devices for its customers. There are other companies which have also released the wireless portable USB hard disk drives including Seagate, Kingston and much more. Western Digital release on delay but with new features that are not included in the earlier available wifi based portable device. Some of the most interesting features of My Passport Wireless Storage devices are as follows:

The wireless N with MIMO technology which holds of about 80 Mbps on wireless streaming connection

Holds the slot for SB 2.0 Memory Card

Media types icons for easy file access

Can share up to 8 preconfigured wireless devices

20 hours of standby and 6 hours of video streaming

Integrated FTP to connect with wireless cameras which were compatible.


WD My Cloud mobile app helps the users for easy access for the files to the personal cloud storage and also to the public clouds including Drive, Dropbox, and One Drive etc.

Even the product is released later the major functionality is very attractive for most of the users and their needs will be satisfied in which proves the customer satisfaction.

What is your idea about My Passport Wireless Storage Drive from Western Digital?