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Need help in Emergency Situation – Just Shake your Phone


Today there are more situations which needs emergency help from most of the people on most of the occasion especially ladies. HelPIs which is pronounced as “Help Please” will help you at your emergency situation. Today everyone holds the mobile phone for their communication and it is happy that it helps you for your worst situation.


The app that will send the information to emergency numbers and other friends of you. The following are the features of this app HelPIs

  1. Just shake your phone to send the alert
  2. By a single click, the message will be sent to the friends and family and also to the police and sure it captures your GEO location which helps them to trace.
  3. It will also post the message into your Facebook account which helps you to inform to your friends online
  4. It allows you to capture about 60 seconds of voice message in unsafe situation.

This was one of the useful apps that help you at the unsafe worst situation and save your life. This app can be downloaded here for your android device.

help please help please friend helpis help app

Now shake your mobile for help at your emergency or unsafe situation.