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Neptune Pine – A Phone in Watch

Today the trend changes every day and attractive ideas were on the steps of growth in lightening speed. One of the most advanced today’s technology is Neptune Pine. Neptune Pine is a watch with a phone. The most of the important applications that we use daily is all in your watch. You can make a phone call; receive a phone call, camera with 5 Megapixel and secondary VGA camera with flash light and 3G features that allow you to browser your needs.

neptune pine

This was one the most sexy cool collections in to the watch. A Memory card slot, micro sim, GPS tracking, Qwerty keyboard, personal profile,  video chat, vibrate on your wrist, speaker phone, microphone, IP 67 Water resistant, Wifi, Bluetooth 4.0 and much more,  which says the technology is in advance. This smart watch was really awesome and now with the kickstarter.


The fabulous watch comes with Android Jelly bean for the phone and the other most important feature is removable wristband which satisfies the fit for all at all places. This is one of the minds blowing and now it is ready for you’re to be in the technology world. Now your world is in your wrist.

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