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Network Hacking Machine is launched for Android Device

One of the Network security tool company has launched a new device called Pwn Pad for Android Device. The device Pwn Pad will be introduced in San Francisco next week at the RSA Security conference with the source code said by the Pwnie Express’s CEO. The device is built based on Google Nexus 7 specifications with wifi, Ethernet and Bluetooth.pwnie-express-pwn-pad1

The most popular and first hacking tools for Android device is like Aircrack-ng and Kismet. The Pwn Pad is looked a small device which is white in color with an antenna. The antenna is TP-Link Wireless adapter which will cover up to 10 times the range of the ordinary device. They are more hacking tools for Desktops and Laptops when compared to Android Phones.

We know every hacker will know about the Pen Testing but none of them is able to do it from tablet. Now the thing is possible. But the aim is to be testing and not to go to jail for the misuse of the tool.

The core features of this device are like Android OS 4.2, Ubuntu 12. 04, and large screen with powerful battery, OSS based Pen tester toolkit, with long range packet injection and the  hardware accessories are atheros usb wifi, usb Bluetooth, usb Ethernet, OTG cable.

The toolkit includes the core features like Aircrack-ng, Kismet, Reaver, EAPeak, Free Radius-wife etc as wireless tools and Bluetooth scanner, blue log as the part of Bluetooth devices and various networking tools like NET-SNMP, Nmap, Cryptcat, Tcpdump, Hydra, Scapy and much more.