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New Data Compression Algorithm that makes your chrome faster

Google Chrome browser is one of the most widely using web browser. Recently Google announced that the browser will get update with the new data compression algorithm that makes your browser much faster.

chrome brotli

Earlier Google used zopfli, data compression algorithm which was released before two years. It uses the combination of LZ77 algorithm and Huffman coding for data compression. Zopfli is a Deflate compatible and this earlier algorithm provides highest compression rate. But now the new data compression algorithm Brotli, provides high data compression rate which helps the users for faster browsing. It is also added that Brotli provides 20-26% increased compression rate when compared to Zopfli. Based on the smaller file in compression enhance the faster loading rate of chrome browser. As of now the beta version is available and users can add it but enabling it in chrome://flags menu.

Brotli has announced in last September and now from the study by Google, it is found that the compression rate, compression ratio and the speed of decompression is enhanced when compared to the existing data compression algorithms. Since the size is reduced, the energy consumption is also low and provides much faster performance.