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New Google BlockBuster – Enjoy Hollywood


A new much needed product for most of the users are recently launched as Google Blockbuster. It helps you to predict the movies with the help of it trailers and much more activities.

google blockbuster logo

The accuracy of this analyze will be at 94 percent says the researchers. This provides the new algorithm via Conan for prediction to the success of the movie and sure it is new to analyze the report for the new movie. The algorithm of this prediction will looks for the data according to the queries and much more information related to the movie. The records of the director, lowest common wayans brothers, ratio between the wedding to funeral, dancing scale, is Tim Allen is in the movie, if no then why, how about the 3D and 4D and much more

Google Engineer “Jeff Bergsma” explains how the prediction algorithm works on the Google Blockbuster in the following video

Now it is easy to guess the movie before they lighten up. Are you ready for you favorite film launch?