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New Mac Keyboard made on Spruce Wood


Have you tired using Mac’s Keyboards? RawBKNY a New York based company has released keys for Mac keyboard. The keys are made of Spruce tree. The company adds that the keys will help to make the laptop cool and warm. The keys are specially designed and they started funding with Kick Starter. The company is famous for the accessories for mobile phone in wood.


Mac Spruce Keyboard


They have developed the keys individually and the keys have to be placed on the keyboard in order. So the company adds that it would take time to add the keys to it. The keys will be unique and it also helps to protect the keys, the keys have to be fixed with an adhesive and it sold for around $40 and so on. The company has developed the US keyboard layout and it continues working for the international layout which could support all over the world. The keys are coated with beeswax and lacquer for the protection which keeps the shinning in it.

Mac Spruce Keyboard

Spruce Keys

They too concentrated on the keys that we used frequently. They have also added some special cut for the uniqueness in the keys as of now. It is good in the new modern world, but it has also some common problems like the light of the keyboard, removable of keys due to adhesive. They are also working for the keyboard back light, more variety of woods and much more.

What is your idea about this is innovation?