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New Movie Projector with Pizza Box

Now Pizza is coming with the entertainment that makes your day special. Yes in Hong Kong, on delivering the Pizza, they also deliver the pseudo projector box designed by Ogilvy. The box contains the round hole which is used to place the plastic lens which is also known as Pizza Projector, that comes along with the box and it has to set the display on the wall.

The box comes with the QR code and it is for the digital movie download. The box comes with four different models, for horror fans it is Slice Night, for science and fiction movies it is Anchovy Armageddon, for romance movies it is Hot & Ready and for action movies it is Fully Loaded. Each look different and the packing itself it is said to be “Blockbuster Box”.

pizza hut

movie projector + Pizza pizza projector projector

This is really an awesome idea by the pizza chain and the innovative idea of sending the pizza box along with the projector box makes the pizza fans happy in Hong Kong and the internet resources added that it is not going to stop in Hong Kong.