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New Tablet for Women’s

The ePad Femme was designed by Eurostar Group which is released back on October but it has it own push during around February as Valentines Gift. This ePad Femme has preloaded apps which is mainly concentrated for women’s usage like Groceries, Yoga, Shopping and much more. This makes easier for women’s to be away from search and downloading each and every lap as they needed and ePad Femme plays the role for Women’s.

The ePad Femme was 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Android tablet which the company proudly says that the first tablet for ladies. This tablet has 1.5 GHz Processor with 16 GB internal storage which provides good performance. The Vice President of Euro star states that the tablet is not sexist. The women states that the tablet was tech savvy and it helps to completes her and clear her doubts with easy and simple she added.


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