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News Reader for your Phone – Umano App


Everyone needs the update of information on technology, science and everything according to their need. But today in the fastest world we have little time to read the article in the newspaper. What do you think about if someone reads your favorite article on phone? It is amazing right. Umano App that help you to read the article from your phone on your favorite voice while you are driving or in gym.

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You can browse more interesting article on the top news source, you can create the playlist, can download the article to listen offline and personalize it and know what your friends are listening. SoThree Inc was the company responsible for the app Umano. Browsing the interesting news online and listening to it with the professional voice actors on your phone was the best feature that attracts most of the news listeners. The following video explains you how the app Umano works.

You can grab your Umano app here for iPhone and Android.

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How this News Reader Umano app on your phone helps you? Just share your experience here.