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Nextdoor – Private Social Networking with Neighborhood


Nextdoor is a social networking service which helps you to connect with your neighbors. It is differ from other social networking like by limiting the potential people in each network and you can connect with your neighbors with the improved privacy.


Nextdoor is based on the business plan on selling advertisements to local business. We can also say that is similar to craigslist. You can add your neighbor and share with them. Once you have signed up for the verification will be made based on your location and you will also suggested for neighbors and vice versa. If your neighbor is not yet signed up the benefits and details will be given to them for their signup if they needed.

Nextdoor is the social app that can be used for asking help from your neighbors, help you to share new one, can organize a watch group and much more are the benefits of this app. The app was designed with the idea that the neighbor are best and most important who can be in touch all time and can share and help for you by friendly approach. Since it is a private network, every neighbor has to verify their address, and the company promises that it would never share your information with others.


How you feel about the approach with your neighborhood?