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Nitero enables WiGib Chip for your smart phones for Multi-Gigabit speed

WiGig which is abbreviated as Wireless Gigabit Alliance, a triple band services which is also referred to IEEE 802.1 ad the new technology for the coming year. The devices that use WiGig can operate at 2.4, 5 and 60 Ghz bands and provides speed of about 7 Mbps as a transfer rate. There are few companies are working and some provide the services for the upcoming years.

Nitero announced the first product NT 4600 which provides high performance, low power and also sure for the next generation of the mobile devices. With single WiGig enabled devices there can be the true convergence of PCs, gaming and other entertainment platforms which is more expected in this fast world. the other use cases of Nitero includes immersive 4K wireless display, Untethered wireless presentations, zero lag 4K wireless gaming, no clutter creativity and much more. Nitero was the first to provide WiGib chip for Smartphone devices. Earlier Wilocity provides the solution based on WiGig device which is for PCs and other peripheral devices like desktop docking hub. Now Wilocity was partnered with Qualcomm’s Atheros Group and the internet resources add that there are more plans on integrating its technology to Atheros wifi products and for sure into the Snapdragon mobile devices.

nitero chip wigig

Hope this integration into the mobile devices will result in linking devices to the within the room and the range of non sight devices too with multi-gigabit speeds which is much needed for the future technology. What do you think about announced features? Add your ideas in comments.