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Now Avail 10 GB free Storage on Cloud

In the past few years, Cloud Storage was on the major IT trends which attracts all over the world for the safe and secure files over the internet and the easy access helps the user to satisfy their most needs. Box was one of the powerful and useful cloud storage has now increased the size of it from 5GB to 10 GB free storage on the cloud which reaches about 20 Million users all over the world.

Today top 500 fortune companies were using cloud for their official and personal storage. Box was started by the year 2005 and after this long time the achievement was very big in cloud storage. CEO Aaron Levie of Box says that “This is an exciting and long-contemplated move, and the biggest change we’ve made to our offerings since 2010,” in a blog. For a free usage of 10 GB is available for the personal account and the pricing varies according to needs of the company based on their size and need. Mobile access is also available for the user convenient.

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