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Now Enjoy WhatsApp secured End to End Encryption

Now WhatsApp provides the end to end encryption protocol that helps the users to share their messages, photos, videos, calls etc. in secured that only the corresponding receiver has the access to view it and with this enhancement third parties or WhatsApp cannot read the data’s that are shared by the users. The Open Whisper Systems is used by WhatsApp signaling protocol which provides the output for the private communication system.


By using the secured communication the security of sharing is privatized between the WhatsApp users. Now even WhatsApp doesn’t store any information that you shared with your friends and families. WhatsApp security added that the message has the key and only the receiver holds the key to unlock your sent message and have privilege to read them. The conversation in the WhatsApp messenger also displays that “Message you send to this chat and calls are now secured with end-to-end encryption. Tap for more info.” to alert the users regarding the update on End to End encryption on their conversation.

Now get your update from Play store for your WhatsApp to ensure secured private communication and share with your friends for the same.