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Now Get your Digital Key with KeyMe


KeyMe is one of the new apps that help you to have your digital key and save it and you can also share with your friends and families which helps you when you miss it. KeyMe is an app that you can scan your key and save it in the digital format which you may need when you miss or locked out.

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The scan copy of the key will be stored in cloud using KeyMe which helps you access it from where and when ever you need it. The security of it plays the important role in which the personal information will not be stored and use the key user has verify in two step verification for security concern. There are different types of design can made on your key according to your need and it is available on the mail order. Bottle opener is also available in the keys that you order which helps you open the bottle on various occasions and don’t need it in separate. This works on most of the common keys.

You can grab your KeyMe app for iOS here.

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