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Now own your storage with instant file sending


Just one content on all of your devices. Sure there are more in the market but Lima, makes your devices in group. Lima which helps you to store data, and send and share your documents in instant and your own private storage. Lima works in your normal USB connector and makes your file sharing in low cost and it is your own storage.

Lima Backup Lima file sending

This Lima has the ability to change the file format according your devices and helps you work on any devices. You can send and share your files in seconds and never mind about its size. It is new for sending files and new method of collaboration of new environment. Your storage will be fast and private according to Lima. You can even connect it your TV. The main features includes Synchronize of huge files, web access, back up your stream, streaming, private internet and much more.

Say hello to your private storage and what is your idea about it?

Lima Storage Lima for all your devices