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Now send your kisses online – Google and Burberry


Now it is time to exchange your sealed kisses with your loved ones. Burberry Kisses with Google allows you to send personal message sealed with kisses. The part of art, copy and code the project between Google and other brands has the part of Burberry Kisses.


Burberry and Google Kiss

You can create an emotional connection between your loved ones. Burberry brand is one the traditional fashion and beauty marketing team. kisses.burberry.com brings the new trend to the technology. Choosing the color of the lip stick and kissing on the desktop or on the web browser of smart phone makes the visual imprint of your lip and the harder makes the impression best which results in the love with your loved ones can be sent via personal message. The following video helps you do it.


This proves that the universal theme of love will be a kiss which never changes and this provides the new feature for the degree of your heart. Easy transfer of emotion is not so easy and this helps your love be explore. This provides an international advertisement which means the personal interaction that forges between them. Now send your personal message with Sealed Kiss.