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Now share large file using your Mobile App – Telegram

In this world of technology, every day new one comes up with the new innovative idea which satisfies the users and their needs with the consideration of future. People are mostly using mobile phones and for sure every user has their way of sharing using various types of apps like what sup, viber and much more mobile apps for instant messaging.


Recently Telegram has launched the sharing options for large files up to 1.5 GB of files including zip, rar, pdf and much more. Today sharing is available for images, audio and video files. This is really an amazing idea right, yes it is since people used to share large files using emails and other 3rd party resources. But sharing large file size is also provided by minimum number of providers and for sure not in apps. Telegram provides this sharing facility which attracts most of the users for instant sharing with security.

telegram file sharing

Telegram also added the update of mute notification for particular group and people to app which is also an added advantage for most of the users.

telegram mute notification

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