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Now share your Albums on Facebook

Facebook users are now allowed to share their albums with friends and families. This new feature was added on Monday to share photos called “Shared Albums” which helps you to share your vacation, party, wedding and much more important photos in albums. Now it is time to sharing photos by photos on Facebook, just share your albums with your friends on Facebook.

Facebook Shared albums

The Shared Albums can be created in central and the users had to be added as contributors which allows your selective friends to add, edit your shared albums. Now you can make your albums and might shared with your team mates, friends and in group of users. This allows about 50 users to collaborate on one shared album. Each of 50 persons can add about 200 photos each to the shared album on Facebook.

This feature was one most needed feature for the users to avoid confuse and share the photos in private or public. This is was amazing and let us wait for the users review on it for more updates.

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