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Now Share your Files on Facebook using Pipe app


Pipe is one of the Facebook applications that have introduced sharing files with your friends in a social network. This is the first app that allows you to share your documents, music and much more via social media network. Just drag and drop helps you send your files to friends.

pipe app sendingpipe app receiving

This is the first file transfer utility on Facebook, you can share up to 1 GB file transfer on Facebook. You can get your pipe app from App Center in Facebook. The files transfer between computer to computer and the main thing is only the sender with the app is enough to send the files and not to worry about the receiver for this app. Since it establish a peer to peer connection between the sender and receiver it fast and secure. The company was working since May 2012 and they have tested with various options of technical issues and finally ready for the release.

Mobile version is still under progress and version now released is for desktop sharing, the mobile version will be released shortly. There are more other file sharing like Drop box and much more, this is first that starts with the social media Facebook. Hope it makes the Facebook user happy for the file sharing. Since there are billions of Facebook users all over the world it will easy for all to have the app and makes them to share easy, fast and secure.

Do you think this app will be the best for sharing in social media?