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Now talk to your Browser

It time to use voice for your browsing and to forget your keyboards.  Use your own browser as you prefer. Google released a beta version for voice based browsing in their BlogSpot. The webpage with API for chrome demonstration helps you a lot. After the successful completion there will be major change. It also available for other browsers.


For opera Goto -> Tools-> Preferences -> Advance -> Voice and enable the application for voice recognition. At present opera says that this product will be work for windows. There are more tutorials in their website for your reference.

And also the Dolphin browser for mobile devices allows Android users to enable voice command for phones. The new feature called Dolphin – Sonar is introduced to search by voice. Say a word and it search the results for you. Dolphin Browser is into the market from 2010 and now it reaches about 50 Million users says the company.



Just enjoy your browsing with favorite websites in command.