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OnBeat Solar Headphones that charge your Smart Phones


Today in the fast world everyone is tend to depend on something on the Natural Resources. The Solar Technology was the best and the need one for the today world environment. OnBeat is a family business based on Glasgow, Scotland was into creating apps for smart phones and specialist in Music apps.

solar headphones

Frank Andrew Snr, Frankie Anderson Jnr, Andrew Anderson and the members working on various processes of improving and specializing the apps for smart phones. Recently they had ready for the process on OnBeat Headphones that helps to works charge your smart phones with the help of solar technology. Everyone has the mobile and it was the important one for them and without the power it will really hard for the day to day life in means of personal and business. The idea behind this source was the headphones with the high quality audio, eco friendly and also to help in charging of Smart Phones and tablets from the solar technology. The company looked for the funding from the Kickstarter and they will be ready to release the product by the earliest of 2014.


The Solar Headphones have an integrated with the solar cell which helps to capture the solar energy approximately 0.55W. This energy will be stored in the lithium battery cells that placed in the ear phone which helps to balance the weight of the headphone. The upper layer is covered with Solar plates that helps in the charging process, this will be the cool idea but for the rainy seasons the devices has to charged via USB or power for the other resources.

on beat solar headphones