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Pen Computer – Patent Reissue by Apple


Steve Jobs says stop the press while Apple invents Smart Pen. Apple now applies for the reissue certificate for touch screen Pen Computer. Williams of United Kingdom who worked for Microsoft once had create a pen sized computer with voice mail, calendar, emails and much more which is not now. It is about 15 years ago in which the technology is not advanced as of now.


“The whole computer is to be encapsulate in to a pen computer” is the goal of Lyndsay William‘s website.  The patent that covers sensing technology was originally invented by Lynsday Williams for BT in 1997. The technology is deployed in “SmartQuill” which is original. It was working type pen computer.

The tilt of pen which allows you to scroll the page, accelerometers detects the movement of pen which results in the view mode. It can also used as pen and the output message to the screen. The pen has camera, a storage used to store data and cell phone tower that allows communications. It has an ARM processor, voice, email, calendar and much more.

The patent was about to expire and the Apple is to reissue which can be used with the brand. Hope we can expect iPen shortly.