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Penetration Testers Gets Benefit – Kali Linux is now Launched

Backtrack Linux is one of the best and famous for security professionals. After 7 years Now Backtrack has released Kali Linux which has the most advantages on Penetration Testing says the security professionals.

Kali Linux is more secure and more mature enterprise version of Backtrack. There are more features in Kali Linux which holds the repository sync of Debian 4.0 and each and every tools of Kali use Debian Complaint packaging. The installation of this Kali Linux is made easy by pre-seed files which also help the user to be interactive and also to learning is now simpler for the security professionals.

The updation which helps the user to be keep updated which is needed by toolbox “bleeding edge”. Kali looks like the previous version of Backtrack which up stands with more and deep functionalities which will be more useful in the area of security professionals like Pen Testing which has be planted inside as the best and extraordinary feature by the developers to the end users.





Kali comes with more for the end users which allows for customization, pickup the tools according their usage.  The download is now available at the official website. This can be installed in as Live to learn. Enjoy Learning.