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Pillow Talk – Distant Doesn’t Matters


In today’s world everything is a Technology. Now the technology is the one which helps the lovers. Now it is upgrade to the higher level with Pillow Talk. Everything in the future world will be a Gadget. Pillow Talk is a Ring Prototype which gives to get in touch for the long distant lovers.

 Little Riot Ltd is a Company formed in September 2010 in Edinburgh which now in UK. The company was formed by Joanna Montgomery. The company has designed the Ring type devices which helps the user for the easy interaction and also keep them near even though they are in long distance. This Pillow Talk will help you to be touch even in sleep. This technology works on the pillow which is connected to Internet and your lover can hear your heartbeat as they like. The pillow is connected to ring which you can wear and helps you to be in touch with your partners.

pillow talk

This ring will connect to the app for the smart phone and able to connect to internet and helps you to listen your lovers heartbeat. Check how pillow talk works in the following video

Now just connect with your lovers ever and ever and don’t worry about the distance. Keep connected.