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Pirated Apps in Chinese Website


Chinese website 7659.com has distributed various paid iPhone applications for completely free which is pirated according to Venturebeat. This website is only available for Chinese users to download iPhone and iPad users to download and install the paid version of Apple store apps. Some of the most and best paid apps of apple is made to free download in this website.

The report says that this website is used by most of the users to download the applications for their china apple phones. But when you try to access this website outside of China, it gives a warning message in Chinese. It is recommended not to use your Apple ID to reduce the frequency of repair says Kuaiyong the company behind it. The report adds that over 5 million of users are using this service to access the website to download the pirated apps.

It is recommended not to use the pirated apps and the pirated software. The following are some of the images from venturebeat regarding the website.