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Pono Music – Reached target $800,000 in one day and so on

Pono Music was the portable music player founded by Neil Young which hits the target $800,000 in one day and now today it reached about $2, 488,547 and still the pledge is open on kickstarter. Pono Music never change the format of the music but rediscover the music from the bottom of the end it was created. Now listen to your favorite music in your fingertip.


Ponomusic is the high fidelity resolution store and player which makes and feels you happy about enjoying the music and be sure that it preserves the spirit and emotion of the music and it was most appreciated by most of music players. Listening to the favorite music artist was also the aim of the Pono music and now there is available of limited edition of signed series PonoPlayers. It works as the same as the other music players and it also connects to the Pono Music app for all iPhone and android users. There are two ports available in Pono Music Player, one is for the head phone for personal listeners and other is for stereo for home theatre, for car stereo which provides you to enjoy the experience.

Pono Music Player

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