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Poppy – Change an iPhone into 3D Camera


Today’s world needs everything in best.  Here comes the best by which you can make your iPhone to3D camera and capture, view and share your 3D pictures with your friends. Poppy is the first device to turn iPhone to 3D camera and to have 3D movies, stills and much more.

poppy sample

Poppy was designed and created by Ethan Lowry and Joe Heitzeberg. They also added that Poppy doesn’t need battery and there is no power issues and they also describes that it just optics which is like the old view master. There are more features are in Poppy. Poppy supports for iPhone 4,4S and iPhone 5 and also fifth generation of iPad. The designers started their process in Kickstarter for the growth and for the support on this Wednesday.


The device combines the lenses of two video streams to single which results in the 3D view on the viewfinder. Poppy can be used in best moments like wedding, reception, birthday party and other occasion which results in fun and 3D experience and to be sure it will be beautiful. You can use to watch 3D videos on YouTube which was launched by YouTube on 2009 which will be more fun online.


Let us wait for the launch of this product to have the experience. What is your idea about Poppy?