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Priyanka Malware that spreads through WhatsApp Messenger


WhatsApp one of the best cross platform app that helps you to share messages without paying and it uses same internet plans to exchange messages, group chats, photo and video sharing. It is found that the Priyanka Malware is spreading with the WhatsApp messenger. The malware doesn’t harm the android devices but change the group name to Priyanka and it also has the ability to change the contact name to Priyanka says the researchers.

Website named The Android Soul claims had found this malware, but there is no update from the other security professionals of the antivirus firm.

Priyanka malware whats app messenger

A contact file with the name Priyanka if received don’t install it, if installed the phone will be get affected with the malware. The following are the steps that help you to remove this Priyanka Malware

  1. Search for the name Priyanka in contacts and delete it
  2. Stop and Clear the WhatsApp from the settings of your phone and followed by App list or App Manager
  3. After removing, reinstall the app and your conversations will be automatically restored.

Enjoy continuous sharing photo and video and group SMS with WhatsApp messenger.