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Project Tango – Mobile Device with 3D Mapping

Google’s Advanced Technology and Project Group (ATAP) were working on the Project Tango which provides the possibility to create a 3D model using mobile devices. The goal of Project Tango was to provide mobile device to understand the space and motion. It is a Google’s 3D Mapping project which was spotted on the Chrome Issue tracker by Myce.Com today. Project Tango provides the opportunity to create the 3D maps of the building which helps to navigate.

Project Tango

Project Tango is currently using the 5” prototype which contains the customized hardware and software to track the 3D motion and also to create the maps to navigate simultaneously. It is revealed that the device consists of 4MP color rear camera, fish eye 180 degree FOV camera, a depth camera 320 X 180 @ 5 Hz and also a front camera with 120 degree field of view which is similar to human eye field of view (FOV).

This provides the feature technology which helps to provide more to the devices. The team is also looking for developers to provide more to the device than the touch screen app. Google makes this device available for developers today which help to add new technology and new feature to make the future awesome.